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Policies & Terms of Service


To be able to coordinate travel, schedules, and weather delays scheduling lead time is suggested 3-5 days prior to requested shoot day. Longer lead times are appreciated where possible.  Days prior to shoot should be utilized for home preparation, cleaning, repairs, de-cluttering and items for in the “home prep” check list.



Due to the nature of this business turnaround times can fluctuate depending on demand. All projects should expect and plan for a 24 - 36 (photo-video) hour turnaround time unless turnaround time was pre-determined.


It is strongly advised that the home be in a “showing ready” cleanliness state prior to photographer arriving. There is no buffer in scheduling for photographer to de-clutter any room. Photographer reserves right to shoot property is a “as-is” condition to maintain time slot. It is the responsibility of the agent to communicate with the homeowner or cleaners to have the home prepared and verified ready prior to photographer arrival.  Any delays greater than 10 minutes due to agent or homeowner having to clean or declutter property will be charged at $50 per hour. Doors and safety gates may be left open during a photo shoot. Noah Lencki Design, LLC is not responsible for the supervision of pets, children, or other residents who require constant supervision. It is recommended that all residents vacate their homes during the shoot. If a photographer feels threatened by pets or residents at any point during the shoot, he or she will leave, and you will be responsible for the entire cost of the project.


Cancellation 12 hours or greater prior to shoot will not result in penalty. Cancellations within 12 hours of scheduled shoot time will be considered for cancellation fee of up to $50. Any shoots where photographer arrives on site or is enroute and shoot is cancelled due non-weather related events will result in a fee of $100.



Photographer will stay in contact with agent should inclement weather delay or cancel a shoot. Some weather conditions may be acceptable for certain services. Agents should take into consideration weather delays or cancellations when planning a listing date. Weather conditions that would cancel or delay a shoot include, but are not limited to, the following conditions:


Light Rain     

Light Snow     

Weather Alerts


Light Rain     

Light Snow     

Freezing Drizzle     

Winds gusting greater that 20 kts     

Weather Alerts


Moderate Rain     

Moderate Snow     

Weather Alerts


The terms of service outlines ownership of media, photos, video, designs, graphics produced by Noah Lencki Design, LLC. The term “content” refers to video, photos, designs, graphics and any other intellectual property held by Noah Lencki Design, LLC it’s subsidiaries or employees. By entering a business relationship with Noah Lencki Design, LLC you are agreeing to these terms of service. 



Noah Lencki Design, LLC is the sole owner and licensor of content produced. Unless otherwise indicated, by purchasing content you are granted licensing rights. This structure provides you with the opportunity to distribute content produced by Noah Lencki Design, LLC in accordance with the “Content Use” section.  Noah Lencki Design, LLC reserves the right to utilize the licensed content for promotional/marketing use or in other projects unless otherwise agreed upon.



Being a licensee of content produce by Noah Lencki Design, LLC you have the ability to publish and distribute content through various channels, including but not limited to: print, social media, website. Distributing content secondary from the initial intended use is not allowed unless otherwise agreed upon by Noah Lencki Design, LLC. Rights to content use are valid for as long as a business relationship is maintained with Noah Lencki Design, LLC. As a licensee of Noah Lencki Design, LLC content you do not have resale rights of media. If a third party wishes to use content produced by Noah Lencki Design, LLC for promotion purposes or in furtherance of a business this third party must re-purchase content from Noah Lencki Design, LLC at a predetermined value. 



Content for real estate marketing purposes may be utilized for the duration of listing contract and further. Content may be used to promote listing, agent, agency or group after listing contract expiration. Selling or sharing content with another agent from another real estate office is not allowed should the listing contract be terminated and renewed with another office or agency. Noah Lencki Design, LLC  reserves the right to use photos or videos of a property for marketing purposes after closing or termination of listing contract. If a homeowner should request photos and videos not be used after closing of the property, they should send a request to

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